Alternate Dispute Resolution

What is Alternate Dispute Resolution or what is ADR?

Alternate Dispute Resolution is a method by which disputes between the parties are settled alternatively other than traditional litigation. This method of dispute resolution is speedy and just. That is why is it liked everywhere around the world.

How ADR works?

Alternate Dispute Resolution works in different ways. It is usually though an Arbitrator or Referree...  In some of the commercial contracts there is a provision of Alternate Dispute Resolution. They write that "in case of disputes the parties will refer the matter to the arbitrator whose decision shall be final". Similarly in some of the commercial contracts, the arbitrators are selected before hand. However, in most cases the courts around the world have powers to appoint arbitrators who are impartial and they decide the matters in accordance with law when it comes to arbitration.

What we are doing pertaining to Alternate Dispute Resolution?

We are an organization founded by lawyers who work for change. We do not wish to see people standing the courts of law seeking justice for many years. We want reconciliation and early disposal of matters between the parties. For that reason we offer Alternate Dispute Resolution services through our attorneys. You can hire our attorneys as arbitrators in your matters of disputes. Our Attorneys are honest and just on which parties can count especially in the times of disputes.

We also offer legal awareness related with Alternate Dispute Resolution  so that people prefer to resolve their disputes without approaching the courts of law and wasting their years of precious time. For more do consult as at

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