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- Hamood ur Rehman Commission report explains reasons of Pakistan's failure in 1971  war against India. Kindly read the detailed report on this link ..

- Registration Form For Advocate Supreme Court

- UNO Convention of Psychotropic Substances, 1971

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- Surrender Deed for Apartment or Flat

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  1. Q. I was working in a company later on i closed my job, company management take my bag in his custody without my permission and presented a signed cheque of my brother's which was in my bag. my brother has not any liability or employment with this company. can they file any FIR against me or my brother as we have complete statement record that we don't have any payable to company?

    Ans. They can file FIR against your brother if the cheque has been dishonored. You should immediately file a petition for inquiry at the SSP office for stopping FIR asap.

  2. 1. whether a family court has jurisdiction to try a family suit, filed by wife for maintenance and dower, at the place other than the place of her ordinary living?

    Ans. In a family suit wherever the wife goes that become jurisdiction for filing the case.

  3. Question. If husband's case for conjugal rite on wife ,then wife go go with his house after giving her conditions in can husband also give his own conditions for keepin wife bk his home again??

    2nd question is ....if some1 get FIR against me on baseless n false issue just 2 disturb then wat will b the procedure to finish dat FIR...if i go to police station for asking details will police arrest without asking any details? or can i send my lawyer to finish the FIR or bail b4 arrest???

    Answer. Remember that no power of earth can force a wife to live with a man with which she is not willing to live. That suit can help you in reconciling with her.

    Secondly when there is a FIR lodged then the first thing you should do is to take bail from the court otherwise police can arrest you anywhere and bail becomes difficult once a person is arrested.

  4. Question. If the fir was lodged but accused person is no nominated in fir ,then how can i release that person on bail.tell me the solution

    Answer. Bail before arrest or after arrest in the relevant court depending upon the circumstances of the case is the solution. For more do consult me at


    Salman Khan Golra

  5. Question. How can we know about cuber laws and cyber crimes??

    Answer. In Pakistan there is no proper ordinance or act defining them properly. However there is electronic transactions ordinance, 2002, telegraph act and few other laws under which many things fall.

  6. Q. 1: Hi there! what is absconder definition? if someone is declared absconder! what punishment and laws are applied ti him or her? and is it possible to get bell without sending to jail?

    Q. 2: if a complainant or who registers the FIR does not take part in court proceeding or does not attend court proceeding. in this condition, may the case be dismissed or the person, against whom FIR was registered, may file the application to dismiss the case?

    Answer. Absconder is the person that doesn't get arrested and doesn't appear in the court being an accused in the criminal case. There are always arrest warrants issued on the name of accused. The best way an absconder can do is that he can file a petition for bail before arrest along with an application for cancellation of warrants. Once bail is granted by the court and the complainant doesn't follow the proceedings then a petition of 249-A for acquital can be moved to end up the case. For more do consult me at

    Salman Khan Golra
    Criminal Lawyer

  7. Question. Since I've already taken money from my father that almost equals the cost of property I'll inherit in future and have moved abroad and settled down. Now in return for the money, I want to do something that will take me off from the heirs list and my share of the property stats with my father or goes to my siblings eventually.Please write to me if there is a legal procedure that can help me achieve just that.

    Answer. Aaq nama has no legal value according to Pakistani law and it is considered something negative. However if your father has given you the share then you can request him that he can gift his rest of the property to other siblings so that dispute ends. It that is not possible then your father can leave a will giving different properties to different children mentioning yours also. Even if that is not possible then you can give an iqrar nama that you have taken all your property from your father and you leave all the rest of the property. If your siblings inherit the rest of the property then you will have no objections to it.

    There are various other ways also. However in all such circumstances your siblings would be required to give the document so made as evidence to the court at the time of making legal heir certificate or succession certificate after the death of their father.

  8. Question. Can a registered FIR can be challenge by accused (file petetion) in high court in any circumstances for cancellation of FIR without obtaing pre-arrest bail from session court

    Answer. First take the bail and then go for quashment otherwise you can get arrested.

  9. Questions:

    1. What if court of law stopped the proceedings under 249 Cr.P.C.?
    2. Can one ask for acquittal under 249A without attending the court of law?
    3. Can one let quashing of my name from FIR without attending the court of law with considering the following facts:
    • that the registration of the FIR is malafide ;
    • that the matter is of civil nature and applicant’s Suit in the matter was already submitted to the honourable High Court, several days before the above FIR has falsely been lodged;
    • the criminal proceedings have been adopted with a view to harass one for ulterior motives by having knowledge about status quo order of the honourable High Court already issued before lodging the FIR;
    • that for an expatriate and one living abroad it is impossible to safe guard thier rights in homeland as undue delay could be occurred in the matter of final adjudication which will cause hardship to one.

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