Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Witnesses are very important in Nikahnama

It is very important to have trustworthy witnesses in a Nikahnama. Although at the time of Nikah we all wish the relationship to last forever but we never know the future. God Forbade anything can go wrong at any time in life.

The witnesses of Nikahnama are important in many scenarios. Usually they are not required to be disturbed at any stage in life. However, when the sanctity of a Nikahnama is challenged, the witnesses of Nikahnama hold importance.

Nikahnama is just documentation of Nikah. Nikah is a Muslim Marriage between Muslim Spouses but on the other hand it is a contract of civil nature between a Husband and a Wife. When this contract becomes disputed, the witnesses can be summoned and recalled in court for verifying the contents of Nikahnama.

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