Wednesday, 11 September 2019

There is no such thing as Khula Application

According to Islamic Law and according to Pakistani Family Law System a husband has right to divorce his wife. If a wife does not like to live with her husband and husband refuses to divorce her then she can obtain Khula against him.

In the old Islamic System Khula was obtained by a woman through Qazi. Qazi is the designation of Judge in Islamic Law. In Pakistani Legal System, a Family Judge enjoys the status of a Qazi and has legal authority to decide family cases.

A case of Khula also comes under the jurisdiction of a Family Judge in Pakistan. A case for dissolution of marriage on the grounds of Khula is filed before the family judge of the jurisdiction where the wife resides for obtaining Khula. 

Grounds for dissolution of marriage are mentioned in Section 2 of the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act 1939. We can also invoke the additional grounds if any which are not even mentioned in that section. 

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