Monday, 2 September 2019

Contracting a Marriage with Ismaeli or Noor Bakhshi

There are many communities in Pakistan that do not contract marriages outside their communities for various reasons. For example it is famous about Ismaeli Community that they do not marry a non-Ismaeli no matter how good the terms are. Same happens in some Shia Families and Noor Bakhsi Families. Similar is the case with many other communities living in different parts of Pakistan.

Legally speaking, a Muslim Man is allowed to marry any Muslim Women belonging to any sect of Islam. Similarly he is allowed to marry Christian and Jew Women if they are worshipers of single God. On the other hand a Muslim Woman cannot marry a Jew or a Christian. However, she is free to marry any Muslim Man belonging to any sect or community of Islam.

Ismaelis, Noor Bakhshis, Jafferies and many other sects belong to Islam. It means that a Muslim can marry any person in these communities. No court in Pakistan can nullify such marriage on the ground of difference of culture, community, lifestyle, etc.

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