Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Column 13 to 17 are very important in Nikahnama

Nikah is a civil contract of Marriage between Muslim Spouses. Nikahnama is the document that records this contract and it gets registered under the provision of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961 in Pakistan.

There are various rows with numbers in a Nikahnama which are often referred as columns of Nikahnama. The initial columns usually deal with the details about Bride and Groom and their witnesses while the ending columns deal with the signature of parties and their witnesses.

The columns in between are very important as they are the essence of contract of Nikah. From Column 13 to 17, the consideration of Nikah is mainly the content. These columns define what is Haq Mehr?, how much Haq Mehr is given at the time of Nikah?, how much Haq Mehr is prompt?, how much is deferred?, conditions of haq mehr?, any gift or property given in haq mehr and so on.

Whatever is written there is important as the parties are liable to comply with that at later stage of life. In cases of dispute, the court presumes that whatever is written there is true. So it is best to review these columns before signing Nikahnama.

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