Wednesday, 4 September 2019

A Registered Nikahnama Does not need corroboration

When a registered Nikahnama is presented in the court presumption of law is that it is a legal document unless challenged at any forum. If a Nikahnama is challenged, then the evidence of Nikah Registrar and witnesses of Nikah is vital. In normal cases a Nikahnama doesn't need any corroboration when it is registered under the due process of law.

A Nikahnama holds more sanctity if a Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC) is also part of record. A Marriage Registration Certificate is a document that updates the marriage of parties in the record of NADRA. It is a separate document having computerized bar code reader at its one side. It can be obtained from the same union council where the Nikah is registered.

Similarly the Nikahnama holds more sanctity if in the CNIC records of parties their status of being married to certain person is updated and is visible on the Computerized National Identity Card. In the presence of such documents even if a Nikahnama is challenged, it holds strong presumption of genuineness.

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