Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Islamabad Family Lawyer

We are a law firm mainly dealing in Family Cases, Guardianship Cases, Divorce Cases, Khula Cases, Maintenance Cases, Child Custody Cases, Conjugal Rights Cases, Habeas Corpus, Recovery of Dower Amount, Recovery of Dowry Articles and in all other kinds of Family Cases. We are based in Islamabad Pakistan but for all kinds of Family Cases anywhere around the world you can contact us.

We also have female lawyers working with us. Apart from the Family Law Field we also have expert lawyers that deal in Legal Drafting, Agreements, Contracts, Criminal Cases, Civil Cases, Aviation Cases, Corporate Matters, Tax Matters, Company Matters, Firm Matters, Arbitration Matters and so on. 

We offer free consultation on legal matters for the first visit. 

Salman Yousaf Khan (Golra)
International Family Lawyer

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