Tuesday, 18 September 2018


1.       Tarka consists of immovable, movable properties, moneys, goods and articles. NLR 2000 AC 601. Benevolent fund and group insurance is tarka. 2006 YLR 1678; 2006 CLC 1589.
2.       Amount payable under head voluntary insurance, group insurance and death claim would not be tarka. NLR 2000 Ac 601. Claim for allotment of land heritable. 2004 SCMR 94.
3.       Amount of provident fund would form tarka. NLR 2000 AC 601.
4.       Tarka consists of movable and immovable. 2001 MLD 1, 2001 CLC 446.
Pension goes to family members. 2006 CLC 1589.

5.       Amount under insurance is tarka and distributed among heirs. NLR 2001 AC 601.

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