Tuesday, 18 September 2018


1.       No mention of group insurance and no tarka would devolve on nominee only and not on heirs. PLJ 1999 Lah. 907; NLR 2000 AC 601.
2.       Nomination in insurance policy does not deprive legal heirs of their inheritance share in it. NLR 1997 UC 14. Bound to give to legal heirs. PLJ 2008 Lah. 195.
3.       Nominee of deceased employee receiving amount from employer which did not from tarka of deceased would be responsible to distribute it among heirs. NLR 2000 AC 601; 2001 MLD 1. Nominee cannot claim ownership. PLJ 2008 Lah. 195.
4.       Widow of deceased as nominee cannot claim whole inheritance all heir succeeded according to shares. 2002 MLD 1506; 2006 YLR 1179.

5.       Nomination cannot create valid gift. 1999 CLC 806. Nominee is trustee under Co-operative Society. 2003 MLD 1095. Benevolent fund, tarka. 2006 YLR 2678.

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