Monday, 3 September 2018

Haq Mehr not on the name of Bride

If some property is given to a wife as Haq Mehr and is not on the name of wife, she can obtain it through legal process. Haq Mehr is the right of wife which is like a loan on husband if its deferred. There is conflict of opinion regarding the deferred dower.

According to some jurists a wife can demand deferred dower anytime from her husband while some other jurists are of the opinion that a wife cannot claim deferred dower with marriage in tact. However, it is settled that if a husband divorces his wife, then she is entitled to receive deferred dower.

A common practice is that some people give property as dower amount to wife which is not in their name or is not owned by husband at the time of marriage. In such like circumstances the right of wife cannot be denied. If she claims haq mehr later from husband and is not executable by any means then she is entitled to receive amount equal to the value of such property.

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