Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Gifts belong to the wife in case of divorce

According to Islam a wife is entitled to receive her haq mehr in case if
she is divorced by her husband. Haq mehr is not the only thing which 
the wife takes home in case of divorce. She is entitled for other things
such as her dowry articles and gifts which she receive during the 
tenure of relationship.

Often it happens that when the husband divorces his wife, she leaves the
house of husband immediately in single clothes. Her suitcases, jewelry,
dowry articles and other belongings remain in the house of husband 
unless the parties come to an understanding later on.

The wife is entitled to receive everything belonging to her lying in the
house of her husband. The things gifted to her during the time of 
relationship belong to her. Gift in islamic law can never be taken back 
by the person gifting. So it is best to return gifts and all other 
belongings to the girl once she is divorced.

In order to remove further disputes it is best to handover everything 
through proper legal channel.

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