Monday, 17 September 2018

Exclusion from inheritance

1.       To exclude legal heirs from inheritance, strong evidence is required plaintiff to prove his case stands on his own legs and not weakness from adversary and must have special knowledge about defendant’s relationship with the deceased. 1997 CLC 1768.
2.       Childless widow excluded from inheritance of agricultural land (Shia Law). PLJ 2001 Lah. 284; PLD 1972 SC 346.
3.       No legal heir to be denied share of inheritance. 1997 SCMR 281; 2008 YLR 2030.
4.       No valid ground made out as why alienor deprived legal heirs from inheritance, deed cancelled. PLJ 2002 Lah. 1199; PLJ 2002 Lah. 2043
5.       Alienation to deprive daughter from inheritance, set aside. 2002 CLC 2001; 2003 CLC 485.

6.       No legal heir to be denied from share. 1997 SCMR 281. 

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