Monday, 3 September 2018

Court is not bound to wait for subsequent challan

The police is bound to submit police report under section 173 of Criminal Procedure Code within 14 days after the arrest of accused. Three days grace period can be given to concerned I/O in the late submission of Police Report.

The police report submitted under section 173 of CRPC is called challan. It shows the completion of police inquiry.

A court is not bound to wait for the arrival of a subsequent challan while proceeding in a criminal trial. Once a challan is presented in the court, the court can proceed with the trial of case. Police can investigate the matter as long as it is not decided by the court.

However, police has no control over the court. The Judge is not bound to wait for any proceeding on police in the matter as the court has to take its own course in accordance with law.

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