Tuesday, 11 September 2018

2007 P Cr. L J 613

Provision of S. 195 (1) (c), Cr. P. C. had prevented a litigant in a civil matter from lodging a criminal complaint regarding alleged manipulation of documents which were the subject-matter of said proceedings--- Had it not been so then every litigant who had filed a civil proceeding based upon certain documents, would be exposed to criminal prosecution by the other side who had challenged the genuineness of such documents --- Law had provided that such a complaint could only be lodged by the Concerned Court, only after it would come to the conclusion that the document in question was forged --- Bar contained in S. 195 (1) (c), Cr. P. C., would apply to the cases of tampering with the record of a Court as well as to the cases of previously forged documents used as genuine in the Court proceedings. 

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