Friday, 17 November 2017

Consolidation of Family Cases is always good

It is always good to consolidate cases of same nature between same parties. Often it happens that cases are transferred and heard in different courts administratively. In such like circumstances the litigants almost suffer in all cases because of conflicting judgments by different judges.

There should not be conflicting judgments in cases. Each and every Judicial Officer is a human. He has his own level of understanding and delivering justice on a certain case. When two similar cases are heard by different judicial officers, they can't realize the impact of decision of one case on the other. The parties suffer at times because of unfair decisions in such cases.

A good practice is to hear even different cases between parties jointly. For example if there is a guardianship case between same parties and a maintenance suit also between same parties, they can be heard by the same judge. In this scenario the judge can understand the circumstances between parties with a broader perspective.

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