Saturday, 30 September 2017

FIR against Malik Riaz Lodged at Barakahu

FIR has been lodged against Malik Riaz CEO Bahria Town and his son Ali Riaz to Bhara Kau Police Station, Islamabad.

This is a hot news that police station of Bhara Kau has lodged the FIR against the land grabbers (Malik Riaz and Ali Riaz owners of Behria Town) on the direction of Justice of peace/additional session judge (East), Islamabad.

Complainant Raja Yasir Ali Abbasi is the owner of a land which was illegally occupied  by Mailk Riaz and his land grabber team.

The total area of the land is almost 18 kanal which is very costly.

The application was submitted to the SHO Bhara Kahu P.S on July 26,2017 by the complainant but no action was taken against the culprits.

After that the complainant submitted another application to SSP Islamabad but no single necessary action was taken by the police.

After a hectic and tedious exercise as wel as looking the irresponsible behaviour of local police the complainant  approached to the Justice of Peace/Session Coirt and filed petition u/s 22-A Cr.P.C because there was not available any efficacious remedy to the complainant where the justice of peace issued the directions to local police for registration of FIR u/s 154 Cr.P.C.

After getting the orders of the court initially, officials of police station Bhara Kahu was hesitating and not registerimg the FIR. Despite showing the evidence they tried to manipulate the entire evidences and did not pay any significant attention to it but later on they register the FIR against the accused persons.

The complaimant Raja Yasir encouraged and continued his legal proceedings with full support of legal fraternity to follow this case. Honourable Court ordered the police department to take some necessary action against such criminal activities.

FIR NO 383/17
Dated: September 29, 2017 U/S 379/427/341/447/109 PPC

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Registration Procedure of Non Profit Organization in Pakistan

There are different procedures for Registration of Non Profit Organizations in Pakistan. The reason is that there are different enactments that govern and regulate such procedures. The best statute in this context is the Companies Act 2017. The registration procedure of a Non Profit Company is time consuming as well as its expensive. However, it is the most updated and best type of Non Profit Organization registered in Pakistan.

The easiest and most cost effective way to register a non profit organization or NGO is under the Trusts Act 1882. It does not require much time in the registration procedure. Another aspect is that 4 persons can register an organization under the provisions of the Trusts Act 1882.

Some other ways for the registration of Non Profit Organizations in Pakistan include the organizations registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and Volunteer Social Welfare Act 1961. However, both ways are not much feasible for the registration and governance of Non Profit Organizations.

It is always best to consult your lawyer before registration of your organization so that proper advise as per requirement is obtained properly.

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Status of Accused After Acquittal from a Criminal Case

Accused Enjoys Double Presumption of Innocence after Acquittal

Acquittal from a criminal case means that the accused has done nothing wrong in the eyes of law. He is proved innocent during the Trial. It is immaterial whether the Trial concluded after proper evidence or the result of same came on a petition of acquittal if the end result clearly shows that the accused is innocent.

If an accused is declared innocent by any competent court, he enjoys double presumption of innocence. The remedy available to the prosecution in such like circumstances is appeal mostly. The order of Trial court can be challenged in the appellate court under the provisions of Section 417 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898.

However, an accused is left with almost no fear once declared innocent from the Trial Court. But a fact is that the prosecution and complainant both have the right to prove irregularities if any in the appellate court. If they are successful in any case then the Trial can be reopened or the order of Trial Court acquitting the accused can be set aside.

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Legal Status of Divorce During Pregnancy

A Muslim woman cannot be divorced during pregnancy. If a husband pronounces divorce to his wife during pregnancy, it is immaterial till delivery. However, if after delivery of child, it is not reconciled within 90 days, it becomes divorce.

The reason is that the Iddah of a Muslim woman is 90 days after pronouncement of divorce by the husband. If divorce is pronounced to a Muslim wife during pregnancy, it becomes effective automatically after the end of pregnancy. The iddat of such lady starts from that day and if the divorce is not revoked in such time period of 90 days, then it becomes complete divorce.

Once a women completes her Iddat after divorce, it means the divorce is final and irrevocable between parties. For more information you can contact

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