Saturday, 29 July 2017

Divorce during periods is divorce

Divorce during periods is divorce according to majority opinion .. According to minority opinion it is not divorce as a woman should be clean at the time of pronouncement of divorce according to their opinion.

Divorce is not a joke in islam. Even if divorce is given in joke, it is considered divorce. Even if some words are spokem in the meaning of divorce then it is equal to divorce. So we have to be very careful in relationships.

If single talak is pronounced during periods, it can b revoked through ruju after periods. If its pronounced twice during periods then it can also b revoked .. However if its pronounced three times then its talak e bayn and is not revokable according to minority opinion ..

A better option is to end relationship that has doubts in it rather than living in a relationship of zina .. For expert opinion on any related case you can consult

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