Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Appearance of a Foreign National in Family Courts

According to the provisions of section 18 of the West Pakistan Family Courts Act, 1964 a pardanasheen lady can be represented through her attorney in the family courts in Pakistan. Definition of a Pardanasheen Lady is well interpreted by superior courts of Pakistan in some judgments in the following words that "every lady is deemed to be pardanasheen lady".

Hence it is true that the respect of women in Pakistani Legal System is too high. Further it is also well settled principle that the Family Court has to see the convenience of a woman while proceeding a family case. By virtue of the same generally women are accommodated well if they approach family courts in Pakistan.

As far as foreign nationals are concerned, they can appear through attorneys in the Family Courts in Pakistan. A practice is that in such like circumstances, there are objections raised by opponent parties regarding such appearances. Most of the times Power of Attorneys are objected and sometimes the question of jurisdiction is also raised to harass the person sitting abroad.

A better way in such like cases is that a foreign national facing any such like problem in the courts of Pakistan can visit Pakistan once and appear in the court to ratify the attorney as well as to address other objections in order to get the favorable results from court of law.

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