Saturday, 8 August 2015

Who is the most successful family lawyer in Islamabad?

Often people ask this question that who is the most successful family lawyer in Islamabad. The answer is that Salman Yousaf Khan (Golra) is undoubtedly the most successful family lawyer in Islamabad. He is the only family lawyer in Islamabad with having exposure of appearing in the International Courts.

We the team of International Lawyer Law Firm are pleased to have his services as our main attorney dealing with the family cases in all parts of Pakistan and in many countries apart from Pakistan.

If you are searching for the top family lawyer in Islaambad then Salman Yousaf Khan (Golra) is the best option you have. You can contact him at or directly at

You can also call him at +92-340-5104660 .. He gives realtime advice to various family law related issues to his customers by using applications like whatsap, viber, skype, line, imo and similar other applications.

International Lawyer Law Firm Team

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