Sunday, 2 August 2015

Returning of Dowry Articles in case of Divorce

In cases of divorce people are usually concerned what to return to the girl and what not. According to Islamic Law and Pakistani Law two things belong to the wife in case of divorce. One is the haq mehr which is according to Nikahnama. The other thing are the gifts which are given to the girl. 

Gift in Islamic Law are never taken back by the person gifting them. According to Islam a person who takes the gift back is like a dog that vomits and eats the vomit afterwards. So it is not reasonable for a muslim to take the gifted items back from the girl when she is divorced. 

Divorce is something not liked by Allah. Divorce is Halal but the most unlikely thing in the Halal things. It is best that the husband and wife compromise to live together once they are married unless they have no other option then to leave each other.

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