Sunday, 19 July 2015

Warrant of Possession

Warrant of Possession is a term used for a legal document issued by the court for taking assistance from the local police for taking possession of a certain property. There are matters in which people often do not comply with the orders of court in the transfer of possession. In such cases the court has to use the force to implement its orders.

There is a petition filed in the executing court for the issuance of warrant of possession. For that the petitioner has to satisfy the court by putting grounds for the issuance of warrant of possession. Once the court is satisfied the warrants of possession are issued.

Warrant of possession are usually issued by the civil court or the rent controllers in cases where possession has to be transferred from one person to another. They are generally not required in cases where parties strictly comply with the orders of executing court.

Warrant of possession is the last stage in the implementation of court's order. It is generally issued when court has no other option left in the execution of its orders. Generally the court order is implemented through a bailiff. However when things are out of control of bailiff then the issuance of warrant of possession becomes mandatory.

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