Saturday, 18 July 2015

Process to obtain registered document from Joint Sub Registrar

The process to obtain an attested document from Joint Sub Registrar is never easy. It is a big hassle to get even a single page attested from a Joint Sub Registrar. The reason is that the joint sub registrar has no powers to attest any document without having any justified reason to attest it.

There is a procedure given in the law for the attestation of different documents from Joint Sub Registrar. For example the warasatnama is a legal document which is obtained from the court of Joint Sub Registrar with his attestation. However, the Joint Sub Registrar cannot directly issue the warasatnama to anyone unless the legal process is completed.

The process to obtain a warasatnama is complicated. It involves filing of a small case and ultimately the case has to be decided from the court of Joint Sub Registrar. The final decision of the case is a document attested by the Joint Sub Registrar which is known as warasatnama.

During the steps of case the Joint Sub Registrar has to determine that the parties are genuine. For that he examines them during the evidence and through the publication made in the newspaper. The process takes around two months time in routine.

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