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Powers of Joint Sub Registrar

A Joint Sub Registrar is the english name of Naib Tehsildar. Joint Sub Registrar has all the powers equal to Tehsildar while performing his duties in the office. There is only one tehsildar often known as Registrar in one district and number of joint sub registrars working under him.

A joint sub registrar enjoys the powers of a tehsildar as delegated power same as in the case of civil judges enjoying equal powers to a senior civil judge while sitting in the court of law. A Joint Sub Registrar usually has his own court with a reader whereby he hear routine matters related with his jurisdiction of work.

The court of joint sub registrar is often called as the revenue court. Normally a joint sub registrar has powers to issue warasatnama, register general power of attorney, register sale deed, register trust deed, register transfer of land often known as registry and order his subordinate staff to conduct proceedings where necessary at sites.

A joint sub registrar has the same immunity as the registrar or tehsildar has while sitting in the court. In Islamabad there is one tehsildar and 6 naib tehsildars which are joint sub registrars of Islamabad. They are all working under the Chief Commissioner's Office of Islamabad and ultimately they are working under the interior ministry.

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