Saturday, 6 June 2015

There is no Law for Home Based Workers in Pakistan

There are millions of Homebased workers working in different corners of Pakistan. Most of them are females while in exceptions there are male homebased workers too. Sad dilemma is that there is no law at the moment governing the issues of Home Based Workers anywhere in Pakistan.

There is an International Convention for Home Based Workers of International Labor Organization known as C-177 which was made in 1996. Government of Pakistan has not ratified the same convention till now for its own reasons.

There are several Non Government Organizations trying to convince the Government to recognize Home Based Workers in Pakistan. In the provinces of Punjab and Sindh some work has been done regarding the legislation of Home Based Workers. Infact draft bills have been made and they are under the process of being getting approved from the Parliament and cabinets of the above captioned provinces.

However, sad aspect is that no law in the country recognizes the Home Based Workers till now. Women suffer a lot while working even in home based environments. Neither the Women Ombudsman nor the Labor Courts have jurisdiction to entertain matters regarding home based workers. For more contact

Salman Yousaf Khan (Golra)
Women Rights Advocate

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