Monday, 8 June 2015

There is no Iddat in case of no Rukhsati

When a boy and girl contracts Nikah and do not consumate it, there is no Iddat in such a case. Generally speaking Nikah is the ceremony which binds the boy and girl in a relationship of marriage. However, practically after Nikah there is a ceremony of Rukhsati after which the boy takes the girl home and consumate marriage.

In case of divorce there is a period of Iddat which is equal to 3 Tuhrs. As enacted in the law 3 Tuhrs are equal to 90 days time period with one tuhr of 30 days each. A divorced lady has to observe this period of Iddat once divorce is pronounced by her husband. In this period of Iddat the man and wife both are allowed to reconcile marriage.

However, when marriage is not consumated, there is no Iddat. The divorce process do not run for 90 days rather it ends in a single hearing. If you have any divorce related query you can contact

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