Saturday, 6 June 2015

Rent Matters Shall be decided in 4 months

The Rent Controller is the judge who has to decided a rent petition filed in his/her court. Rent matters are filed in shape of petitions and the same are responded by persons against whom they are filed. The most common type of rent matter is an eviction petition which is filed by the landlord against the tenant.

There are several grounds against which the tenant can be evicted from the demised premises of the landlord. Rent Matters contain a small trial which is conducted by the rent controller. When the petitioner files a petition in a rent matter, the respondent is bound to file its reply. Once reply is furnished in the court of Rent Controller, issues are framed.

Once issues are framed in a rent matter, evidence of petitioner is taken up. Then cross examination on the same evidence is the next step. Similarly the evidence of respondent is taken up and its subjected to cross examination afterwards. Once evidence is closed, the parties went for final arguments and ultimately the petition gets decided by the Rent Controller.

Rent matters are somewhat similar to civil matters but still the Rent Controller cannot linger up these matters much. He/she is bound to decide the Rent Matters within a stipulated period of four months. For more contact

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