Saturday, 23 May 2015

Suit for Specific Performance of Contract

Suit for specific performance of contract is a civil suit. It is filed in the court of senior civil judge. As the name clarifies this suit is filed in cases where one party refuses to fulfill the provisions of a contract. The only purpose of this case is to get the agreement fulfilled through the interference of court.

Time limitation in filing a case for specific performance is three years. This limitation starts from the date of non-compliance of agreement by either of the parties. Any party to the agreement can file this instant suit. A person not a party to the agreement cannot get the agreement enforced unless its done by his/her deceased ascendant or principal.

A dilemma is that often the suits for specific performance of contracts run for years and decades. In such cases the essence of contract ends. This is injustice wherever it happens. However, usually in cases of commercial contracts the cases of specific performance of contract hold importance as they are very handy in settling disputes.

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