Saturday, 17 January 2015

Remedy when parents are not allowed to meet children

One of the common problems in conflicts between spouses is the meeting of children.. If the mother has the custody, she doesn't let the father meet the children. Similarly if the father has the custody, he doesn't let the mother meet children. Sometimes even the elders of families get involved in all this to cause troubles for the real parents and children.

The best course of action in this way is to file a petition for visitation rights. This petition can be filed by the mother or father depending upon the aggrieved parent. It can be filed along with custody petition or separately. This petition gets decided within two to three hearings usually.. This petition is filed in the guardian court. The jurisdiction to file this petition is the place where the ward resides.

Another remedy available to the aggrieved parent is to file petition of habeaus corpus. This petition is filed in the court of session. The police officials are directed to bring the children the court where the statements are recorded.. It is a speedy remedy but it is of criminal nature..

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