Wednesday, 17 December 2014

UK visit visa requirements

The following are some of the requirements to get tourist visit visa for UK..

- Cover Letter
- 2 Photographs
- Sponsorship letter
- Application Form
- Original Passport
- Original Identity Card
- Bank Statement
- Visa Fee

There are lots of things which are having persuasive effect in getting visa.. Some of these include the soundness of bank statements for last six months, an approved leave from the employer for the days in which the applicant is visiting UK, Salary pay slips from the employer, tenancy agreement with the land lord, proof of wife and children dependent and residing in the native country and so on..

The Visa Authorities need to make sure that the applicant will come back to the native country after the days of visit. If they are satisfied they will grant the visa easily..

It is best to hire an expert immigration lawyer for processing the visa documents. The reasons is that the lawyers know exactly how to convince the authorities. Even a weak case for visa can be accepted with the efforts of a good lawyer. On the other hand there are many consultants which use wrong ways to get visa for their customers. Consultants mostly rely on lies which ultimately result in complications for the visitors..

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