Monday, 22 December 2014

Requirements for the Registration of Trust

Trust is the best kind of NGO to be registered. It can be registered for multiple purposes under the provisions of the Trusts Act, 1882. The following are the requirements for the registration of trust. These include:-

- There shall be at least 3 persons. 2 of them will be trustees forming the board of trustees and one of them shall be the author of trust.
- There shall be an office of the Trust in the commercial area or rural area.
- The ownership/rent deed of official address is annexed with the registration documents.
- A recent electricity bill is also attached with the registration documents.
- Personal presence of 5 persons at the time of appearance in the court of joint sub-registrar is mandatory. These 5 persons include 3 founders and 2 witnesses.
- The 3 founders shall be residents of the district where the trust is to be registered.
- The registration documents of the trust which shall be prepared by an expert lawyer.

The process of Trust Registration usually requires two hearings. That means it is registered within 15 days in routine.. For any queries contact

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