Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Illegal Confinement of a Person

If a person is kept in a place against his/her desires then such a confinement is illegal confinement. That means a person cannot be detained in a place against his or her desire. He or she cannot be kidnapped or kept in a place for any reasons. All confinements are not illegal but most are.

For example if a child is confined by parents that he/she must not go outside late night then such a confinement is not illegal as the parents are responsible for the security of their children. Similarly if a person is an adult and he/she is abducted in the police station for no reasons then such a confinement is illegal confinement.

A trend in many countries is that the police officials are corrupt. They take bribery from people and detain their opponents in police stations to pressurize them. That is totally illegal and police officials can be taken to task on that.

Police or any other agency in a state are there to protect the civilians. They have no powers to detain people for achieving their own ulterior motives.

If a person is accused of an offense, arrest warrants are issued against that person once a case is registered. If such person is arrested by Police or any other agency, he/she is liable to be produced in front of a judge/magistrate within 24 hours of such arrest for remand. If that procedure is not followed then such a person or his/her loved ones can give really tough time to those violating the law.

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