Saturday, 29 November 2014

Remedies Available to a wife that gets beaten by Husband

One of the worst situation is when a husband beats his wife daily or occasionally whatsoever is the case. It is said that a real man never beats his wife. However, a worst fact about us humans is that the weaker suffers everywhere. That is one of the reasons because of which women are frequently beater all over the world.

There are certain remedies available to wife when she is beaten up. If she suffers an injury during such beating, she can get a FIR registered against her husband in the police station. Similarly she always has the family courts available for her protection.

If she doesn't have a place to live, she can approach the court of session and immediately start residing at a re-rehabilitation center as directed by the court of law. She can also file a suit for maintenance and get monthly maintenance from husband even living apart from him.

If there are children living with the wife, she can also claim their maintenance from such a cruel husband. In case if such wife hates her husband, she can claim Khula from the family court. If the wife is non-muslim then she can claim divorce or separation whatever her religion allows.

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