Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pakistan Law Firm

The best law firm in Pakistan is International Lawyer... This law firm is based in Islamabad, Pakistan with having presence of attorneys and solicitors nation wide.. International Lawyer is a law firm with having international experience. The legal opinions made by International Lawyer law firm are presented in the courts around the world.

International Lawyer law firm is dealing in cases related with family laws, court marriage, divorce, khula, banking laws, special laws, local laws, domestic worker laws, consumer laws, labor laws, criminal laws, civil laws, employment laws and so on.. It is a General Practitioner law firm having expert lawyers working in it.

If you have any case in any city of Pakistan or in any country around the world feel comfortable contacting us at

We usually offer free legal advice to people at the first instance.. However, in complicated matters we provide professional legal opinions on nominal charges. Hope to hear from you..

International Lawyer

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