Thursday, 13 November 2014

Forum to file Insurance Cases in Islamabad

Insurance cases are dealt in accordance with Insurance Ordinance 2000. There is an Ombudsman formed under that ordinance which is known as Federal Insurance Ombudsman. It is situation within the premises of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

There are Insurance Tribunals present in whole of Pakistan. They are present wherever the offices of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan are present. Insurance cases are filed in these tribunals. These Tribunals have powers equal to the civil courts of Pakistan.

Once a decision is made in any of the Insurance Tribunal, the aggrieved party has powers to approach the Insurance Appellate Tribunals accordingly against the impugned order. Once a decision is made by an Insurance Appellate Tribunal, its final with having no further appeal.

A writ petition however lies against such decision. The reason is that Article 199 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan gives immense powers to High Courts to adjudicate on matters where no other forum is available to the parties. For more on Insurance related litigation feel free to contact at

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