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Ways to Register NGO

NGO means Non-Government Organization. It includes all those organizations that do not belong to government in any way. NGO's are of two types.

1. Commercial NGO's
2. Non-Commercial NGO's

Commercial NGO's are the ones that are registered for the purposes of business transactions. These include the partnership firms registered under partnership act 1932. These also include the companies registered under the Companies Ordinance, 1984.

Non-Commercial NGO's have many types. These include Trusts, Societies, NPO's, CSO's, Foundation and few others.

The best one among them is the Foundation and it involves plenty of investment. Similarly plenty of time is taken in the registration process of a foundation. Foundation is registered under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984.

The easiest one to register is a Trust. It is registered under the Trusts Act, 1882. The process of registration takes around a week's time. Similarly a lawyer doesn't charge a big amount in the registration of a trust. Some of the leading NGO's of the world are trusts. Some of the big names in this context include Shoukat Khanum Memorial Trust, Sahara For Life Trust, The Pleaders Trust, Zindagi Trust, Humanity Assistance & Relief Trust, etc.

NPO's or non profit organizations are registered under volunteer social welfare act, 1961. Registration process for this kind of organization is complicated and takes lots of time. Even more than 6 months in some cases.

Societies are registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The process of registering a society takes more than a month time for provisional registration. It becomes confirm after six months of provisional certification. It is very commonly registered but it is still a complicated kind of ngo to manage and run.

We mostly recommend trust to be registered to the newbies. However, we register all kinds of organizations and we help our customers to run the affairs of organization legally. You can contact us for more information and for availing our services at

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