Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The way to obtain Bank Records legally

Often it happens that the bank officials refuse to issue bank statements or provide personal bank records that are required for various purposes. Such refusal can be for genuine reasons or that can be malafide at the end of bank. There are several ways to tackle that refusal.

1. Legal Notice to the Branch Manager as well as to the President of the Bank can be sent through a lawyer.
2. Case for mandatory injunction can be filed and record can be obtained through the civil litigation.
3. Complaint in the Banking Ombudsman can be lodged against the banker concerned.
4. An information request can be sent under the Right to Information Law.

In different circumstances different approaches work. However, the thing is that banks cannot hide record from the owner of record such as account holder cannot be refrained from having access to his/her own information. Similarly the inheritors of a deceased person has their rights.

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