Friday, 5 September 2014

The Concept of Rule of Court

What is rule of court?

Rule of Court is a term used in the world of arbitration. According to the provisions of Section 14 of the Arbitration Act, 1940 when the court accepts the verdict of arbitrator it is known as rule of court.

It is apparent from the term "rule of court" that the decision of arbitrator becomes the decision of court. Hence it is enforceable the same way any decision of a court is enforceable.

Arbitration is considered as one of the best modes of settling a dispute. It is a speedy process of justice as the parties to a contract are bound to agree on the award or decision of arbitrator. The court has very less powers to deal in such cases as the contract governs the relationship between parties.

Hence courts in practice do not have powers to contradict with the decisions of arbitrators unless they are against the law of land. For arbitration services feel free to contact us at

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