Friday, 12 September 2014

Legal Adviser is Mandatory for a Company

It is mandatory for a company to have a legal adviser under the law. In recent times there have been cases against companies not having lawyers as their legal advisers.

Hiring a company lawyer is always handy. He can help in the registration process as well as in the successful management of the company afterwards. There are certain document which are best made by lawyers because they have expertise. Some of these include:-

- Legal Opinions
- Contracts
- Agreements
- MOUs
- Bids
- Proposals
- Annual Plans
- Strategic Plans
- Company Profile
- Legal Reports
- Inquiry Reports
- Legal Notices
- Petitions
- Written Replies
- Comments

It is also mandatory under the provisions of the harassment of women at workplace act, 2010 to make committee of three people for looking after the complaints of aggrieved employees. Lawyers can be handy when they are made part of such committee because they can perform quasi judicial as well as judicial proceedings whenever required under the law.

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