Thursday, 11 September 2014

Harassment Tribunals are equal to High Court

The Harassment at Workplace Act, 2010 is a very positive step in the women related legislation of Pakistan. However, there are many problems in this Act when its examined legally.

The law is substantial as well as procedural which is a good thing in it. However, it declares that the Ombudsman created under this law are equal to High Courts. Further appeals against the decisions of Ombudsman are made to the president which are called references.

The first forum to decide Harassment complaints are the organizations themselves. Under the law, organizations are bound to make committees empowered to hear harassment complaints. The decisions of such committees can be challenged in the ombudsman created under this law.

When the ombudsman decide any matter, a reference to the president can be filed against such decisions. The law is very much non-professional when its examined legally as it negates the importance of courts and rule of law in the country.

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