Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Harassment Law is Black Law

Black Law or the Draconian Law is a term used for several kinds of laws which are considered bad. Such kinds of laws are usually very controversial. The Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010 can be presumed to be a black law in the world of legal fraternity because of many reasons. Some of these include:-

- Its a Quasi Judicial Law
- There is no legal mind applied in the implementation, decision making and procedure of this law
- The Appellate forum is the tribunal in this law
- The tribunals are weak in the law
- There is no appeal to the decisions of tribunal, rather reference is made to the president
- General Public do not have awareness about this law
- Employees are liable to file complaints within organizations against the employers who can sack them easily
- This law does not cover instances of sexual harassment between employees
- Majority of the organizations do not have inquiry committees to be made under this law
- Practical implementation of this law is almost impossible

A fact is that there aren't many laws protecting women in general. The existence of this law itself is a very positive sign apart from the debate whether it is a positive law or a black law. However, we need lots of improvement in the context of women related legislation in the times to come. For more discussion on this law feel free to write us at internationallawyerinfo@gmail.com

Salman Yousaf Khan
Women's Advocate

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