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What is adjourn sine die? Is it legal?

Adjourn Sine Die is a legal term used for a procedure adopted by courts in which proceedings in a certain case are stopped for an indefinite period of time. It means that the case gets closed unless its reopened. Adjourn sine die is not always allowed. It is only possible when the circumstances allow a court to stop proceedings. Generally when any order of a court is appealed and the proceedings of the court are stopped by appellate court, the case gets adjourned sine die.

Usually it is hard to find this term in the statutes as its a principle of natural justice. There is no point to proceed in a case if proceedings are suspended by the appellate court. That is why judges can adjourn cases sine die when circumstances allow them.

Who can open the case again when its adjourn sine die?

Any party in the case can move a petition to restore the case when its adjourn sine die. Similarly such a case can be reopened by the court on its own motion or on the directions of appellate court. If you have any query regarding this term, you can contact at

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