Thursday, 7 August 2014

Way to invite a person in the court as witness

If a person's evidence is important and his presence is required in a case, he can be made a court witness. Provisions of Order VI can be invoked for inviting such person to the court of law. Any party to the case can file an application for inviting such person in the court. Summons can be sent to such person so that he appears in the court for evidence.

Generally speaking parties to the suit are required to provide lists of witnesses to the courts. These lists are provided once issues are framed. The persons mentioned in the list are usually the witnesses of plaintiff or of defendant. However, court on its own motion or on the request of any party can invite further people as witnesses when required for deciding any case.

If a party files an application in the court of law for summoning witness, it is required to pay necessary expenses for the traveling of witnesses and serving of summons also. Those charges are to be paid by the party applying for such witness's appearance..

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