Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Court Marriage according to Islam

Court Marriage is a marriage conducted by Lawyers in the premises of court. It has some documents as part of the process made by the lawyers and attested by the people of court which make them valid and proper. Court marriage usually involves the process of marriage as the religion instructs. That is why court marriage is always in accordance with shariah.

The marriage contract is called Nikah in Islam. There are certain ingredients of a marriage contract in Islam. The most important ingredient is Aijab-o-kabool which means the offer and acceptance. If once its done by the girl and boy, it becomes a Nikah in Islam. However along with Ijab-o-kabul, presence of two witnesses and Khutba-e-Nikah makes the Nikah Halal.

In a court marriage the Nikah form is filled by the parties or their Nikah Registrar or Lawyer. It is signed and attested as per the law after completely filled up. Nikah is performed by the Nikah Registrar as per the law of land. The other documents make the marriage complete and full. Hence it becomes legal as well as complete according to shariah.

Some Fiqhas in Islam do not like court marriages. For that they declare them unlawful. However, that is a rigid point of view not acceptable by schools of law in Islam. If you wish to perform court marriage, feel free to write us at

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