Thursday, 14 August 2014

Authenticity of No Claim Bonus Certificate

No claim bonus certificate is just a document showing the experience of a customer with his/her previous insurance company. Usually no insurance company bothers to verify it. It is used to give some discount to the person availing a new insurance policy from a new insurance company. It becomes the part of file once furnished with such insurance company.

As far as authenticity of No claim bonus certificate is concerned, it cant be always authentic. However some insurance companies only regard the sanctity of this document from certain countries such as UK, Ireland, USA and so on.

A practice among small insurance companies is that they give insurance discounts to customers in routine. For that they take No claim Bonus Certificate only for the purpose of putting them on file and giving discount to their new customers. They usually do not bother the source of this document. Even a fake document works with such insurance companies at times.

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