Friday, 29 August 2014

8.5 Million Domestic Workers do not have rights

International Labor Organization passed a convention on 16th of June 2011 which is known as C-189. This convention create rights of domestic workers globally among the member states of ILO. However, some of the member states of ILO haven't ratified the convention.

Pakistan is one of the member states of ILO which hasn't ratified C-189 till date. That means more than 8.5 million domestic workers are not having any rights in Pakistan till date. Futher there is not even a single legislation present in Pakistan which gives any rights or accreditation to the domestic workers.

Domestic Workers are one of the biggest informal sector occupation in Pakistan. They are usually very poor having poor living standards. Even after working for more than 15 hours a day, most of the domestic workers cannot manage to be influential. They can't even fulfill their basic necessities.

There are lots of troubles which the domestic workers usually face. Some of these include:-

- No insurance in case of sudden death or grievous hurt.
- Low income wages.
- No job security
- No pension
- Long duty hours
- Frivolous Allegations are raised against them.
- Fake criminal cases are registered against them.
- Sexual Harassment by Employer
- No Old Age Benefit Allowance
- Child Labor is common
- Work during sickness

Recently a step is taken to make a law related with domestic workers in the capital city of Islamabad. However a bill is made and presented in parliament. That bill doesn't cover even the basic rights of domestic workers. We are working on this bill to make it a proper lacuna free law for domestic workers. If you wish to consult us regarding domestic workers of Pakistan, feel free to write us at

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