Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Where to file a divorce case?

A divorce case is usually filed in the family court. However, there are different forums available for different kinds of divorces under different religions around the world. For example there are two kinds of divorces when we come to the procedure in Islamic Law. One is Talaq and the other kind is Khula. When husband gives divorce, its called talaq and when wife takes divorce then its called khula.

In Pakistan the forum for obtaining divorce by the husband is arbitration council. There is one arbitration council in each district of Pakistan and number of union councils in the rural areas of that district. The process of divorce is filed in the relevant arbitration or union council where the wife resides.

Similarly when a wife desires to obtain divorce in Pakistan then she has to approach the family court from where she takes the decree of Khula. According to Pakistani law, Khula is considered as single talaq. So after obtaining the decree of khula from family court, the girl has to approach arbitration or union council to complete the process of divorce.

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