Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tenancy Surrender Deed

Dated: _________________________
(only insert the date on the day when the surrender takes effect, which may be after
the date when the document has been signed)

1. Particulars
The Landlord: (name(s))
The Tenant: (name(s))
The Property: (address)
The Tenancy: An assured shorthold tenancy of The Property created by a
tenancy agreement dated that was made
between The Landlord and The Tenant.

2. Surrender and acceptance
The Tenant surrenders and releases to The Landlord all his/her interest in The
Property with vacant possession and The Landlord accepts this surrender.

3. Release and discharge
3.1 The Landlord confirms that all rent due under The Tenancy to date has been paid
and that no further payments, whether in respect of rent or otherwise, are due.

3.2 The Tenant confirms that s/he has received the deposit from The Landlord and
that no further payments are due.*
3.2 The Tenant and The Landlord agree that the deposit should be released without
deduction to The Tenant from the relevant statutory custodial tenancy deposit
(*delete whichever is not applicable)

3.3 The Tenant and The Landlord each release and discharge the other from all
liabilities, claims and demands arising under The Tenancy or in respect of breaches of any of the obligations contained in or otherwise arising under The Tenancy or by
virtue of statute.

IN WITNESS whereof the parties have signed this document as a deed on the date
written at the top of this document.

SIGNED AS A DEED by The Landlord: …….....….……………………
in the presence of
(witness’ name and address)

SIGNED AS A DEED by The Tenant: …….....……………..……………
in the presence of
(witness’ name and address) 

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