Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Surrender Deed (Flat)

This deed of Surrender is made at Delhi on this __________ day __________ 2001 between Shri/Smt./Kumari __________ __________
Son/Daughter of Shri. __________ __________ Resident of __________ __________ __________ __________, hereinafter called the
Surrenderer and in favour of Shri./Smt./Kumari ____________________ Son/Daughter of Shri. __________ & (2) Smt. __________ &
Resident of __________ __________ hereinafter called the Surrenderee.

The expression Surrenderer and Surrenderee shall mean and include them, their heirs, successors and legal representatives.
Whereas the Surrenderer is the owner of Flat No. __________ __________ situated in the layout plan of __________ __________ built on plot
no. __________, known as __________ __________ __________ __________ allotted against Membership No. __________ and the
Surrenderer hereby relinquishes/surrenders all his/her/their rights, titles, interest, in the entitlement for allotment of the aforesaid flat in favour
of the Surrenderee. The Surrenderee shall be liable for payment of dues which may be called upon to be deposited by D.D.A. and shall pay all
other incidental charges for its registration, property tax etc.

That the Surrenderer or his/her/their sons, daughters, wife/husband, father, mother or other legal heirs shall not claim any right, interest or lien
in the aforesaid entitlement as well as in the peaceful possession and enjoyment of the same by Surrenderee or his/her/their nominees etc.

In token of acceptance, I, the above named Surrenderer, do hereby sign this deed on the presence of the below mentioned witnesses on the
day, month and year first above written.




DISCLAIMER:These legal forms and d

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