Wednesday, 2 July 2014

How to reconcile a marriage?

There is always a reconciliation proceeding in a divorce case wherever its filed around the world. In some countries divorce cases take up time while in some countries they are resolved within few months or weeks. Reconciliation is mostly possible when spouses get time to think that they have a chance to keep up the relation if they try again ignoring the past mistakes. That thinking usually develops when spouses live apart from each other and they miss good times even when they are few. For that it is best to prolong reconciliation proceedings as much as possible so that spouses get time to think before breaking the relation.

Another thing which sometimes save the relation is creating a pressurized situation. For example if a case for maintenance is filed, the husband is bound to maintain his wife. When he realizes that he has to maintain his wife whether she lives with him or away from him, he thinks of reconciling marriage.

Similarly a case for child custody is the most powerful tool for reconciliation. The reason is that both the spouses always love their children especially the mother. They wish to enter into any compromise when they come to know that they have a chance to loose child custody.

It is always best to reconcile such marriages in which there are minor children. The reason is that the divorce of parents always leave a bad impact on the lives of children. That is why people should always think 1000s of times before they make up their mind for divorce. We offer our services as reconciliation law firm to all those seeking help. You can write us your situation to get the exact advice at

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